Nigerian Army Opens Online Registration for 87th Regular Cadre of Non-Tradesmen & Women

Introduction to Nigerian Army's Latest Recruitment Drive

The Nigerian Army has officially launched its 87th regular recruitment intake for non-tradesmen and women, a notable opportunity for Nigerian citizens aspiring to serve in the military. Announced through their official Facebook account, this initiative underscores the Army's efforts to strengthen its ranks and fortify national security.

Starting from May 3, 2024, to June 7, 2024, the application window is open to all eligible candidates who wish to undertake a career in the military. This period allows ample time for interested individuals to prepare and submit their applications through the designated online portal.

Eligibility and Application Process

To be eligible, applicants must meet specific criteria set by the Nigerian Army, which prioritize physical fitness, mental aptitude, and a clean judicial record. Prospective candidates are encouraged to visit to complete the necessary application forms. It's important to note that the recruitment process is entirely free, emphasizing the Army's commitment to transparent and equitable recruitment practices.

The Army has also set a stringent warning about potential fraudsters. Applicants are advised to undertake their application processes through official channels only and be cautious of any individuals or entities soliciting payment.

Detailed Recruitment Schedule

The recruitment process includes a State Recruitment Screening Exercise slated from June 20, 2024, to July 3, 2024. This crucial phase of the recruitment is designed to rigorously assess the physical and intellectual capabilities of the applicants.

Spanning over two weeks, the exercise will be pivotal in determining the suitability of each candidate for the demands of military life. This stage not only tests physical endurance and tact but also assesses the psychological readiness of the candidates to face challenging situations.

Why Join the Nigerian Army?

Joining the Nigerian Army is seen by many as a prestigious opportunity to contribute to national defense and participate actively in securing the territorial integrity of Nigeria. The Army not only offers a path to personal development and career advancement but also provides a platform to develop leadership qualities and specialized skills.

The benefits of a career in the military extend beyond personal gain, as it also contributes to a stronger, more resilient nation. Moreover, the discipline and training imparted throughout a soldier’s career are invaluable and can be applied in various areas of personal and professional life.

Final Thoughts

The Nigerian Army’s 87th regular recruitment for non-tradesmen and women is a critical component of their ongoing efforts to enhance the capability and effectiveness of the military. By opening doors to new applicants, the Army is reinforcing its commitment to national security and exemplifying the virtues of service and sacrifice.

As the application period progresses, prospective candidates are urged to gather all required documents, prepare thoroughly for the upcoming screening exercises, and step forward with confidence into a career that promises honor and responsibility. Remember, the call to serve is not just about joining the military; it’s about making a significant difference in the lives of millions and upholding the sovereignty of the nation.

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